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JJ Lake Business Center is a newly renovated co-working space located in Mountain View, Silicon Valley. We aimed to foster innovation and growth through community events, partner collaborations and global market access.

Latest activities
  • Meet Your Next Investor Online: Lu Zhang @ Fusion Fund

    Lu Zhang @ Fusion Fund - How AI is transforming future Healthcare?

    JJ Lake
    Zoom Webinar

  • Meet Your Next Investor Online: Ezio Deng@Sanklake Fund Town

    Ezio Deng @ Sandlake Fund Town - How Should Cross-border Entrepreneurs do Localization跨境企业应当如何做好本地化

    JJ Lake
    Zoom Webinar

  • Meet Your Next Investor Online: Howard Chao @ Doon Capital

    Howard Chao @ Doon Capital sharing: Strategies for Chinese Cross-Border Entrepreneurs in an Era of De-globalization and Decoupling

    JJ Lake
    Zoom Webinar

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