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SPACs - What? How? Why? - A Recent Capital Market Phenomenon



Zoom Webinar

Activity Introduce

SPAC has been the buzzword for both years 2020 and 2021. On the upcoming Thursday, we are inviting guests with different backgrounds to share their points of view on SPACs, and they are: 


Li Song - Managing Director @ Silicon Valley Bank

Vivien Wang - Partner @ Deloitte

Robert S. Matlin - Partner @ K&L Gates

Lisa Liping Cui - Senior Director @ Barclays


We will discuss what triggered the SPACs, and why they have become so popular recently? How the SPACs work? Who are the key players in a typical SPACs transaction? Pros and cons for both entrepreneurs and investors? Will regulation kick in? How about the international market? Will SPACs be the future of the investment? 



18:00  Welcome and Opening

18:05  Panel discussion: SPACs: What? How? Why? - A Recent Capital Market Phenomenon

18:40  Q&A

19:00  End