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Meet Your Next Investor Online: Ezio Deng@Sanklake Fund Town



Zoom Webinar

Activity Introduce


5:00pm Welcome and Opening

5:10pm Ezio Deng @ Sandlake Fund Town

How Should Cross-border Entrepreneurs do Localization


5:40pm Q&A

6:00pm End


Event Description:

Localization Strategy is what needed by companies before they settle on which markets they target. Usually, localization strategy needs a thorough market analysis that can look into market research data, understand your target audience, research legal restrictions, calculate the ease of doing business, size up the competition, and estimate the ROI.

For startups plan to expand abroad, nowadays the policy risks are growing. Therefore, understand these challenges and risks thoroughly become the top priority for such startups and cross-border investors. Sandlake Fund Town has helped many startups with its localization strategy by elaborating on its investor resources. Ezio will combine his experience in helping startups with cross-border fundraising and localization to give the founders a better view of what they should be aware of.


About Sandlake Fund Town:

Sandlake Fund Town’s goal is to build a fund cluster that closely connects to the industry and connects capital and startups. The community now has 149 equity management investment teams and 228 funds. The total scale of managed asset is nearly 170 billion yuan. The primary focus of the investments is on ICT, bio-medicine, and artificial intelligence.


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