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Meet Your Next Investor Online: Chon Tang @ Berkeley Skydeck Fund



Zoom Webinar

Activity Introduce


5:00pm Welcome and Opening

5:05pm Chon Tang @ Berkeley Skydeck Fund

"Accelerator’s Role During Challenging Times"

5:35pm Q&A

6:00pm End


About Berkeley Skydeck Fund:


The Berkeley SkyDeck Fund is the investment partner for UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck Accelerator Program. They invest $100K into each startup that goes through SkyDeck, as well as participate in later stage investment rounds with Berkeley founders. They are a very active investor in the Bay Area, typically making over 40 investments each year. In a first-of-its-kind, public-private partnership, the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund shares one-half of fund profits with UC Berkeley. This unique partnership will help support UC Berkeley education and create a source of funding for UC Berkeley’s public education mission.


About Berkeley Skydeck Accelerator:

Berkeley SkyDeck is UC Berkeley’s premier startup accelerator and incubator program. We support startups founded by UC Berkeley students, alumni, and faculty who are seeking to bring their scientific and technical discoveries to market, and commercialize groundbreaking UC Berkeley research. SkyDeck also welcomes startups founded by affiliates of any of the ten University of California campuses, and startups who are located outside the US seeking to connect with students and faculty at UC Berkeley.


About JJLake Business Center:


JJLake Business Center is a newly renovated co-working space located in Mountain View, Silicon Valley. We aim to foster innovation and growth through community events, partner collaborations and global market access. Contact us at info@jjlaker.com to learn more!