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6 AM In-Depth: EP1 NLP Advances and Applications


JJLake Business Center

JJLake Business Center

Activity Introduce

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JJLake is proud to introduce you the new branch workshop: 6AM In-Depth!  We will focus on some specific technical topics. We will invite an expert  in the area to share his/her experience and discovery. They will also share their thoughts about the future innovation  and business possibility with you!


6:30 - 7:00 pm

Check-in, Networking, Dinner

7:00 - 8:00 pm

Workshop: Natural Language Processing Advances and Applications

8:00 - 9:00 pm

Q&A, Networking

Price: FREE

Please note that this workshop will be presented in CHINESE

About the workshop

NLP is in high demand given the volumes of unstructured and semi-structured content that most enterprises maintain, and given time, the NLP components can play important roles in various enterprise applications such as sentiment analysis, chatbot and knowledge graph. The recent advances in the NLP has increased scores for the major models (BERT, XLNet, ALBERT, etc.) on the widely used NLP  benchmarks GLUE, SQuAD, RACE, etc. Several NLP models have already surpassed human baseline performance on the benchmarks. In this presentation we will introduce those new algorithms and describe the ways to apply those technologies in enterprises.

NLP introduction

NLP enterprise applications

From Word Embedding to Pretrained Language Model

Pretrain and fine-tune paradigm

Resources and libraries to use

About Huajun Zeng

Huajun Zeng is a founding researcher of Rulai Inc., an enterprise conversational computing platform. He is leading the research and development of AI technologies, including Natural Language Understanding, Knowledge Graph, Dialogue Modeling etc. He is also leading the engineerings to build a large scale AI infrastructure to facilitate the reproduction and deployment of AI algorithms.

Prior to joining Rulai Inc., Huajun served as the director of the engineering of Alibaba. He was leading the development of OneSearch, Alibaba’s mobile search product. Before that, he was the principal development lead in Microsoft Azure, working on Microsoft’s next-generation distributed system ServiceFabric. Even before that, he was a researcher of Microsoft Research Asia, and invented innovative technologies around search, machine learning, and big data. Huajun is the author of 40+ top research papers and the inventor of 50+ US patents. He is also the translator of several machine learning related books into Chinese including Tom Mitchell’s Machine Learning. He is also a contributor to several popular open-source projects such as AllenNLP and ServiceFabric.