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"6AM"-Indeepth EP3: Using AI for Superhuman Perception

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"6AM"-Indeepth EP3: Using AI for Superhuman Perception

Autonomous Vehicles (AV) are fundamental to enabling mobility business models and reducing traffic fatalities. But AVs need to be utilized as fully as possible and drive safely in all conditions for operators to fully realize their value. This responsibility heavily falls on the vehicles perception system. Unfortunately, even today's most advanced AV and ADAS perception systems have serious limitations when operating in darkness and poor weather, i.e. rain, snow, and fog. This is why leading AV developers primarily operate in fair weather locations such as AZ and CA. But, can you achieve your ROI when you're only operating 8 hrs a day just in good weather vs 24x7? Algolux will review these challenges, describe new AI-based approaches to improve robustness of these systems, and share engagement and business model experiences to enable the AV and automotive supply chain with these solutions.

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