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Investor Dinner and Tech Startup Showcase

  • Angel Launch
  • JJ Lake Business Center
Activity Introduce
Investor Dinner and Tech Startup Showcase

This is a general event so covers all areas of tech for apps, platforms, or devices:

  • Consumer Tech

  • Enterprise Tech

  • Hardware and Devices

  • Software and SAAS

  • Health Tech, biotech, medical devices

Startups Pitch By Registering Here
Startups who want to pitch juust register here for their number of minutes. You do not need to apply, just register. Each startup with 3 or more minutes also gets 1-2 minutes of questions from audience. You will get details after you register.

Investors Request Comp Tix:
Send email to info@angellaunch.com to request code for comp tickets. You must be accredited investors such as angel, VC, corporate or incubator.

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