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Asian Future Innovation Challenge Atlanta

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Asian Future Innovation Challenge Atlanta

Asian Future Innovation Challenge is a startups competition for Asians. The organizer, JJ Lake Business Center, believes in Asian entrepreneurs having the power to impact the future world. We are committed to building a platform for Asian founders to connect with capital, markets, and industries. It is a stage for startup teams to showcase innovations and build connections; It is access for investors to meet promising portfolios; It is an exhibition for entrepreneurs to catch the cutting-edge techniques and acquisitions opportunities; It is a hub for colleges and universities to commercialize academic achievement born in laboratories.

11 Pitching Startups:

Composite photonics chip and photonics medical technology

Industrialization of high-throughput automated molecular pathology testing equipment

User password protection and authentication system

Non-volatile memory MRAM, ReRAM and TCAM

amorphous metals and metal oxide semiconductors to improve thin-film electronic devices

Digestive breathing intervention minimally invasive Medical Product

Pipeline network dredging robot system

Home healthcare non-invasive blood glucose meter

Social Banking & Payments

Application of non-invasive brain-computer interface

Industrialization of Axial Motor International Patent

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