JJ Lake Business Center is a newly renovated co-working space located in Mountain View, Silicon Valley. We aimed to foster innovation and growth through community events, partner collaborations and global market access.

Latest activities
  • "6AM"-Indeepth EP3: Using AI for Superhuman Perception

    Challenges of computer vision for autonomous vehicles in the real world and Algolux's AI approaches to solving them.

    JJ Lake Business Center
    340 East Middlefield Road, Mountain View, CA 94043

  • Investor Dinner and Tech Startup Showcase

    Investor Dinner and Tech Startup Showcase

    Angel Launch
    JJ Lake Business Center

  • Product Teardown Workshop: How TurboTax Makes Tax Filling Sexy

    Tax season again! Let's teardown TurboTax and its product strategy together from Marketing, Pricing, UX and Growth perspective, and learn from a fun and interactive workshop!

    Product Pub
    JJ Lake Business Center

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